Monday, 2 April 2012


Back again, and since such a long time. I love how I keep forgetting about my blog, and coming back to it with renewed hopes, only to find myself in the same state of disappointment two months later. Nonetheless, here's a new short story I started working on. It's still in a very premature age, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. Now I know there are still mistakes in it, but I'm a very disorganized and young writer and I simply couldn't be bothered to go through it again. Shoot me.

Ralph peered through the mail slit in his front door as he tentatively caressed his own left hand. It was an old habit he picked up during his junior years and never felt the urge to unlearn. He enjoyed stroking the smooth skin on the back of his hand as he gently fondled with the slender bones lying underneath. Sleek streaks of cloud were lazily edging across the pale blue sky. The sun was high in the sky, glaring down relentlessly on the already dehydrated earth. Everyone apart from Ralph had their sprinklers out on the front lawn in a desperate attempt to sooth the grass’s suffering. Ralph did not really care for grass. Ralph did not really care for anything except for a few simple pleasures he gained from life. One of these pleasures was spying on his neighbors through the slot in his front door.
Ralph lived in a two story suburban home his parents had once owned and in turn passed along to their only child after being raped and murdered by a group of black kids who were still in high-school. The boys were found at the scene of the crime; however they were excused of the crime due to lack of evidence. So is life. Ralph wasn’t really troubled by the turbulent string of events. It was during a hot summer evening that he had heard the news. Two bulky police officers with equally stern faces had visited Ralph’s residence to pass on the terrible news. After patiently and rather peacefully hearing the two police officers out, Ralph showed them the door, persistently reassuring them he was going to be alright and that he needed time to think. The moment the two men were squeezed out the door, Ralph ran upstairs to his parents’ bedroom, undressing as he went along and letting his clothes lay where they fell. Once in his parents’ bedroom he stood still in front of the closet mirror. There he remained inspecting his own naked body and eventually losing himself in his own eyes until six in the morning. That night Ralph was reborn.
Ralph held no grudge against his parents’ murderers; in fact he was actually quite glad they had freed him. Ralph’s parents had been role model parents, providing their only son with a strict upbringing combined with much love and affection. They had made sure Ralph did well at school and respected his classmates. They had made sure Ralph got a job when he was fourteen so he could earn his own spending money. They had provided him with good advice and supported him in any way they saw fit. The only problem was that Ralph didn’t need all these things. All Ralph really needed was to be free of any kind of interference, so he could truly let his true personality come out and flourish.
Ralph’s parents had not only left him a house in a respectable neighborhood, but they had left him with a generous fortune. The day after Ralph’s parents’ demise, Ralph stayed at home, where he would remain the rest of his life. Ralph knew that the days following his parents’ death he would have to deal with certain people in order to receive the money coming his way and he did see the people he had to see, but only on his turf. Everyone, even the mortician, was paid a wealthy sum to come visit Ralph at home to discuss the details. Within a week every single matter had been dealt with and the funeral had been held. Ralph insisted on having the funeral held in his own backyard. His money made sure it happened. During the entire funeral Ralph had watched from the second story bathroom window, silently stroking his left hand.
Ralph still thought of all these things now as he peered through the mailbox. He enjoyed pondering over the death of his parents. Even now, twenty-four years after it had all happened. Sometimes the thought alone would bring tears of joy to his eyes. Ralph’s vision was suddenly blocked out by a monstrous mouth lined with jagged yellow teeth, and his hearing was deafened by the shrill bark of a small dog. Ralph let a low guttural gurgling sound escape his mouth as he stumbled back, falling on his naked buttocks. One of his nosey neighbors had dropped by to check up on him, even though he had never opened his door for any of his neighbors the last twenty-four years.
“Ralph? Is that you? I know you’re there. I just heard you say something. Betty! Down girl, down! Come on Ralph. It’s been an awful long time since anybody has laid eyes on you. I can still remember what you looked like, but you must have changed an awful lot. Is that what it is darling? Are you ashamed of the way you look? You shouldn’t worry about such things darling. I’m sure you’re still as handsome as you were, even though you are well into your forties by now. God darnit Betty! Stay down! I know you don’t want to talk to any of us, but I never thought you’d stay in there this long. I bet we could help you, if only you just came out. Wouldn’t you just come out darling?”


  1. How... interesting haha... I think i'm gonna start reading this

  2. Nice post man I liked the part where they were raped and murdered by a group of black kids very deep stuff here mate. Keep up the good work.

    1. Well, it most truly is deep shit. That is, if it would happen to you.

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  4. There's a lot of reading here, but it was worth it. You should continue your job, seriously! Nice blog! Im totally following

  5. wow
    first i thought
    WOT, why should I read it?
    but it was great, will recomand this blog

  6. great post !!! keep up the good work.

  7. keep it up bro, good work.

  8. Wow, thats just... awesome. Waiting for more awesome content!

  9. you should publish these, even just a small book would do. keep up the good work

  10. I'm very curious as to what is going to happen next in the story. Looking forward to an update whenever you write more of it. From the two stories I have read on here from you I must say that I am quite impressed. I myself would never be able to write a book. Wouldn't know where to start to tell you the truth. Anyways, Good story, keep up the good work.

    Followed btw.

  11. Man I forget about my blog sometimes, too. Then I'll remember and realize I have nothing interesting to post yet.

    That story was pretty amazing, though. I can't wait to read more of your material.