Saturday, 7 May 2011

Quick intro for my new novel (if I ever get enough time to really start on it)

My name is Thom Greenson, and I have found reason to start the telling of my tale, if I were to be bold enough to call it a tale. There is no specific reason for me to even be telling it in the first place, nether the less I feel the urge to do so. Listen, if you will, to the story I have to tell.
I am currently twenty-four years old. Most people would call me a young man in the prime time of his life. Time seems elastic and everlasting; for me there is no end in any near future. The days drift by, leaving me with nothing more than mere memories, for there is many a day to dawn, and possibilities are endless. Why dwindle on the past when anything could happen the next day? Carefree one might say, but that isn’t quite precisely how I would describe it. My life is different. The memories of past events come back each day to haunt me, sometimes leaving me clueless, filling my mind with despair, trying to figure a way out. I remember things being different, when I was a younger man. Recollecting the exact age is difficult. Things seemed to change so swiftly, it was like somebody had pressed the fast forward button on the remote control of my life, fast forwarding it to current time. I can watch the film, an autobiographical film, but all the frames, my memories, are sped up. Pinpointing an exact date for when things started going wrong would truly be an impossible task.
To tell a tale, one must start somewhere, otherwise the tale wouldn’t ever be able to be started. Therefore, my tale starts at home, or what was home at the time being, when I was a young twelve years old. My parents and I were living in a two bedroom apartment in a town called Brigdeton. It was a small town, with no more than five hundred inhabitants. We lived in a house above the local, and only, grocers. Mornings were accompanied by the strong scent of baked bread.  

Thom's tale will be about all of the frustrations of teenage life, and certain events in his life that have had a largely negative effect on his life.

Let me know what you think, and whether or not I should continue along this line of thought. I have left it in it's true form, without correcting any mistakes. I just want to give you guys a general idea of what I'm working on. I'll be posting my other idea for a story soon.